Your wonderful box with seasonal vegetables, greens, fruits, berries and healthy craft products from Ukrainian manufacturers with delivery to your home/office/as a gift.
Vitamin Box is a shared work of Ukrainian farmers and producers for you to have fresh seasonal Ukrainian vegetables, berries, fruits, greens and other tasty and healthy foods and goods on the tables in every house.
Every box is

- a balanced healthy diet of seasonal vitamins for You and Your family for 5-7 days.
- a convenient, ecological packing created specially for storage of fresh production.
- a possibility of the individual order according to your wishes.
- a quick delivery to the door of your house or office.
- healthy and tasty bonuses.

The minimum sum of an individual order is UAH 495.
Pre-order on the selected date.
Do you search for a birthday PRESENT/ want to greet your friend/ bring joy to unknown person?
Your present will come in time.
Choose needed for You date and wait for a "pleasant emotions" and thanks!
- When ordering "MINI", "MAXI", "PICNIC" BOXES – the delivery in Kiev and +10 km is free, if further- 50 UAH.
-When ordering "Individual boxes", the delivery is 90 UAH.
When ordering from 1000 UAH, the delivery is free (in Kyiv and +10 km).
-Delivery across Ukraine is by Nova Poshta (Нова Пошта) tariffs *:
*Our production is high-quality and very fresh, but we can't guarantee 100% safety of market condition during the delivery made by Nova Poshta.
We work seven days a week, make an order on our website 24/7.
QUICK ORDER by the phone number: +38 067 446 52 95
An order made by 10:00 will be delivered on the same day, after 10:00 – on the next day.
Order time through the call-center is from 8:00 till 20:00.
Found defective products? Didn't find products according to the web-site catalogue?
Just inform our manager on the day when you get the order and wait for a substitute/ addition in 24 hours.
We believe that You storing products rightly, but messages about "defective" products on the next day won't be taken into consideration.
Are you ordering for the first time? We have a nice gift for you!
Just indicate this in the comments to the order.

We are launching a permanent campaign - we give a present to everyone who returns the packaging to us.
The next time you order you Vitamin Box on the website, you can return a packaging to the courier. Just indicate the return of the box in the order.
QUICK ORDER by the phone number:
+38 067 446 52 95

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Meet our Heroes: Ukrainian manufacturers who work every day to get the best domestic products and inspiration for people in love with their business!
Real Ukrainian asparagus (Справжня українська спаржа)
Petro Grigoriev
Agroexpert Trade («Агроексперт трейд») is one of the leaders in asparagus production in Ukraine, which is located in the Voskresenko village, Kherson region. Owners Petro Grigoriev and Alexei Ermilov have ambitious plans to make Kherson region a leader in asparagus production and dream of a "little Holland", because the Netherlands is one of the largest producers of asparagus in the world.
Oil Olibo
Ruslan Mokh
"Richoil" is engaged in the production of natural vegetable oils of non-traditional raw materials, such as flaxseed oil, milk thistle, amaranth, black cumin, mustard, hemp, sesame, walnut, pumpkin. This is a high-tech production by the method of the first cold pressing without the usage of chemicals. The company has successfully passed the certification for organic production.
Cvit Kvit
Natalia Kvitka
TM Cvit Kvit is a brand of Ukrainian herbal teas made by Natalia Kvitka. "Our products are organic. We have our own invention for drying herbs, which allows us to dry quickly with good ventilation and retain all the useful merits,"Ms. Natalia says. "We dream of our tea being drunk in every family. We make people a little happier with our teas!"
Agrocoin (Агрокоін)
Vladimir Vishnyakov
The Sylovka(Силовка) greenhouse of the Agrocoin company from the Zaporizhia region is engaged in selection of vegetables, grows the earliest sorts of ripe tomatoes in Ukraine in greenhouses and on the open ground. Breeders grow red, pink, yellow, brown and all kinds of other tomatoes, both common and the most exquisite premium kinds.
Blooming apiary of the Byliy family (Квітуча пасіка родини Білих)
Anatoly Byliy
" Blooming apiary of the Byliy family " ("Квітуча пасіка родини Білих") ss a hereditary business of the fifth generation of beekeepers, founded in 1905 and located in the south of Ukraine in the Kherson region. The White family believes that the main goal of the beekeeper is to bring honey as an invaluable gift of nature to the consumer in its original state while preserving all the healing merits. The White family guarantees that their honey is 100% natural in origin and method of production.
The Germanyuk family
TM Taroliko is a family craft production from Zaporizhia, which produces natural vegetable seasonings. Together with the farmers of Zaporizhia they grow vegetables and greens for their production, use only natural vegetable mixtures. Production already lasts for three years, during which was invented its own special recipe through experiments and the introduction of world best practices of such industries.
Family Workshop "Treasure" («Скарб»)
The Ugrinchuk family
In this family business, father Yuri and his son Dmitry are engaged in the manufacture of wooden kitchen utensils - wooden cutting boards, spoons, plates, knife holders. They also make souvenirs, magnets, charms. One of the areas of work is the author's products made of wood, glass, leather, decorated with Petrykivka painting. Mother of the family Irina puts her soul in this direction.

ОСЬО - organic vegetables
Yulia Voroshchuk
Yulia Voroshchuk's farm is located in Yahotyn and grows only organic products. Julia selects the best planting material throughout Europe and uses only organic manures in cultivation. Julia is especially in love with rhubarb - the first spring vegetable dessert, and tries to make all Ukrainians fall in love with it.

"Farm 7 fields"
Roman Pasichnik
"Farm 7 Fields" is one of the leaders in Ukraine in growing lettuce and broccoli. Thanks to the fields in the south and north of the country, they are able to supply the freshest products in all regions on a daily basis. Starting its farming path in 2015, today "Farm 7 Fields" is a supplier for 56 customers, a partner of distribution networks, processing up to 80 tons of fresh produce per week.

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